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First Annual BBA Trade Value Rankings

The BBA was founded on a Bill Simmons idea. His column (about another person’s idea, that he stole (giving attribution)) was the seed that was planted in my mind, kicking around for six long years from the time I read about it on Grantland to the launch of the Association. In keeping with the tradition of taking a Bill Simmons idea and making it way better and giving it a bird spin1, I am launching today the FIRST ANNUAL BBA TRADE VALUE RANKINGS!

Trades in the BBA are an inexact science. I mean, hell, if real-life GMs with scouts and quants and analysts and Second Spectrum / Synergy datapoints out the wazoo can’t get it right, how are we supposed to do much better with little more than Yahoo rankings and BBAbot’s scuttlebutt? As such, my methodology is much different than Simmons’: it’s mostly arbitrary and I didn’t spend that much time on it.2 Seeing as how the Bethesda Billygoats got no offers for Kevin Durant in the offseason (with his $25 million salary), I decided that no one on this list could be making more than $15 million. I mean, it is value we’re after here and if the #2 player in Yahoo can’t get dealt, we’re going to have to set our calibrations a lot lower. No free agents were considered for this piece or guys that have been added and dropped a few times this year. Honestly, I only had time to look at this year’s salary figure. I know someone like Devin Booker or Myles Turner, who are very high on this list, are about to get a massive raise, but…I just didn’t have the time while I was busy running the comms department at my workplace.

Each player has: their rank in this list, 2018-19 salary, their fantasy points per game (according to Yahoo), and their cost per fantasy point.

Without further ado…

They’ll Win You a Chip… but They’ve Already Been Paid

RankName2018 salaryBBA TeamFantasy PPG$/Fantasy Point
50Tobias Harris$14,800,000Off Brand Big Ballers35$422,857
49Khris Middleton$13,000,000Freak a Greek31.7$410,095
48Rudy Gay$10,087,200Philly Processes28.5$353,937
47Robert Covington$10,464,092RI Reds29.6$353,517
46Lou Williams$8,000,000Shaw Iversons26.5$301,887
45Clint Capela$13,793,103Tirane Shqiponjat39.7$347,433
44Josh Richardson$9,367,200RI Reds31.7$295,495
43Jusuf Nurkic$11,111,111TrashCity PolarPigeons35.6$312,110
42Jeremy Lamb$7,000,000RI Reds27.9$250,896

This group of players spans a range of different guys at different positions, but the unifying factor is…they’re all guys that you need to win a championship, but very clearly below superstar or even star levels. Tobias Harris is the biggest contract on this list, carrying the Addy legacy of getting great talent at mid-level pricing. Robert Covington, the original model, is in this list as is the knockoff version, Jeremy Lamb.

Glue Guys

RankName2018 salaryBBA TeamFantasy PPG$/Fantasy Point
41Montrezl Harrell$6,000,000Bethesda Billygoats31.3$191,693
40D’Angelo Russell$7,019,698Philly Processes33.4$210,171
39Justin Holiday$4,500,000RI Reds27.2$165,441
38Jeff Green$1,512,601Freak a Greek20.6$73,427
37Malcolm Brogdon$1,544,951Bethesda Billygoats26.2$58,968
36Noah Vonleh$1,400,000Virginia Squires25.1$55,777
35Derrick Rose$2,176,260Wheeler Dealers29.8$73,029
34Javale McGee$2,393,887Crystal City Gaffers29.4$81,425
33Brook Lopez$3,382,000Bethesda Billygoats24.7$136,923

The Glue Guys are a lot like the aforementioned Chip/Paid category, except they’re much cheaper. This tier of players is probably the last truly (various degrees of) movable, if I had to guess, before we get into franchise-altering move territory. The Billygoats have the most players on the list as a whole and have three studs here in Lopez, Brogdon, and Harrell. Vonleh has provided great value off the free agent pool. The most expensive name here is Russell, who is still on his rookie deal, but has had a quite nice fantasy season so far.

Hold On Now, Youngsters

RankName2018 salaryBBA TeamFantasy PPG$/Fantasy Point
32Miles Bridges$3,206,640Virginia Squires17.5$183,237
31Mikal Bridges$3,552,960Philly Processes16.5$215,331
30Shai Gilgeous-Alexander$3,375,360Philly Processes21.9$154,126
29Monte Morris$1,349,383Tirane Shqiponjat21.7$62,184
28Dennis Smith Jr.$3,819,960Virginia Squires24.8$154,031
27Trae Young$5,356,440Hamsterdam FrostMages28.8$185,988
26Marvin Bagley III$7,305,600Shaw Iversons24.1$303,137
25Wendell Carter Jr.$4,441,200Virginia Squires26.3$168,867
24Lonzo Ball$7,461,960Off Brand Big Ballers25.9$288,107
23Jaren Jackson Jr.$5,922,720Crystal City Gaffers27.4$216,158
22Lauri Markkanen$4,536,120Crystal City Gaffers29.1$155,880

With the exception of the Bridgii (and maybe Morris), who have shown flashes but haven’t totally popped yet, these are nailed-down keepers and in some cases have already been kept. They are cheap, they are young, and it would take a serious offer to move them along. The Squires are still waiting for a bit of a leap from Dennis Smith Jr., who has been middling in both reality and the BBA.

Budget Stars

RankName2018 salaryBBA TeamFantasy PPG$/Fantasy Point
21Kemba Walker$12,000,000Bethesda Billygoats42.2$284,360
20Nikola Vucevic$12,750,000Hamsterdam FrostMages44.1$289,116
19Julius Randle$8,641,000Shaw Iversons35.8$241,369
18Deandre Ayton$8,175,840Philly Processes34$240,466

This tier is self-explanatory. Walker and Vucevic get the nod over guys like Tobias Harris and Khris Middleton on the basis that they’ve just put up better numbers throughout the year and there wasn’t a better category to put the latter two guys in. Kemba was a lot higher on this list roughly 10 days ago, but he has cooled off a lot since spraining his ankle. Ayton edges out Randle due to his age and Randle being on a prove-it contract that is sure to jump up next season (but isn’t that what we thought last year?).

Virtually Untouchable

RankName2018 salaryBBA TeamFantasy PPG$/Fantasy Point
17Spencer Dinwiddie$1,656,092Wheeler Dealers28.3$58,519
16Kyle Kuzma$1,689,840OffBrand BigBallers30.1$56,141
15Caris LeVert$1,702,800Tirane Shqiponjat31.6$53,886
14Domantas Sabonis$2,659,800TrashCity PolarPigeons31.4$84,707
13Jarrett Allen$2,034,120Bethesda Billygoats28.8$70,629
12John Collins$2,299,080RI Reds32.8$70,094
11Buddy Hield$3,833,760Tirane Shqiponjat29.732.7$129,083
10Pascal Siakam$1,544,951Freak a Greek29.5$52,371

A lot of these guys were on the All-BBA Value Team last year. LeVert, Dinwiddie, and Kuzma in particular were standouts. Jarrett Allen has really come a long way toward fantasy stardom in the last year, while John Collins has exploded in a holy baptismal glow of sick dunks on fools.

Superstars in Waiting and Also Two-Birthday Buddy

RankName2018 salaryBBA TeamFantasy PPG$/Fantasy Point
9Myles Turner$3,294,994Tirane Shqiponjat30.7$107,329
8Donovan Mitchell$3,111,480Virginia Squires32.7$95,152
7Jayson Tatum$6,700,800Crystal City Gaffers30.2$221,881
6Jamal Murray$4,549,740Off Brand Big Ballers31.6$143,979
5De’Aaron Fox$5,470,920Bethesda Billygoats37.2$147,068
4Luka Doncic$6,569,040TrashCity PolarPigeons33.8$194,350

At this stage, we’re just splitting hairs. Myles Turner is probably a reach at 9, but the guy is good (2.8 BPG at the moment). Tatum is a very well-paid second year guy, that’s the only reason he’s this high up. You may laugh at the recently-much-older Hield, but he is really freaking good this year and is cheap for awhile. Luka still needs to do it for a full season…oh wait, he was EuroLeague MVP at 18. He’s already a beast and will only get better.

God Tier, But About to Fall Off

RankName2018 salaryBBA TeamFantasy PPG$/Fantasy Point
3Devin Booker$3,314,365Hamsterdam FrostMages38$87,220
2Karl-Anthony Towns$7,839,435Philly Processes44.4$176,564

The number 7 and number 1 overall picks in the inaugural BBA Draft, Booker and Towns have been true superstars on rookie deals–every BBA owner’s dream. They have done it all for their respective teams and will continue to be beastly come next season…but they won’t be on this list. I guess you could argue that because of that fact they should be lower than the last grouping but…would you rather have Towns or Sabonis, knowing Towns’ contract is going to skyrocket? In my mind, the guy writing this column, you take Towns every day of the week and try to win it all. Now, whether or not the Processes are maximizing Towns is a story for another column…

2018 Golden Goose Winner 3

RankName2018 salaryBBA TeamFantasy PPG$/Fantasy Point
1Ben Simmons$6,434,520Bethesda Billygoats42.2$152,477

The most valuable player in the BBA this year is Ben Simmons. He might be too much of a coward to shoot at 3, but Ben Simmons does everything else on a reasonable rookie deal with one more year before his big payday. I have no idea what kind of trade package it would take to pry away Simmons right now, but it would be enormous. He’s already won a BBA championship with the Billygoats and could very well get another (and Cardinal Cup trophy)…all before he makes a single three pointer.

  1. My favorite whiff from that column: suggesting a 40-transaction limit…for the whole year! Half of the BBA is at or above halfway to that mark…
  2. Actually, probably neither did he…
  3. Hat tip to JoePa2